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Since 2008, expertise and care

Your wellness is my duty. Treat yourself with  this ancient Indian practice to relieve shoulders, neck and head from physical and emotional  tentions.

With fine oils and woods of Italian Natural Cosmetics.

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Anti-stress Scalp Massage

40 min session at 45€ 

Health benefits

Shiro Abhyanga massage acts on the nervous system promoting calm and peacefulness. It is particularly suitable for preventing headaches and, acting positively on the nervous system, improves the quality of sleep. It is also beneficial preventing hair loss.

The use of specific Italian Natural Cosmetics remedies, based on plant extracts and precious oils, enhance the benefits, regenerating the scalp, strengthening the hair and toning the skin of your face.

A true wellness treatment, thanks to the remedies of Gialean Natural Cosmetics, Italian excellence since 1978.

A fine experience, where relax meets hair care

This massage is part of the ancient beneficial techniques of the Indian tradition and is practiced on the head, working the scalp thoroughly and releasing all the tension accumulated in it, and then on the shoulders, neck and face. The health of our head is in fact fundamental because, according to Indian tradition, vital energy, or prana, is received right through the top of the head. Furthermore, hair is considered an expression of a person’s energetic condition, and therefore of their state of health.


Let go, and let me take care of you

My goal is to make you feel good. Many years of practice have trained me to give my customers comfort and personalized care, for all ages and for every need. In the session you will experience the pleasure of a relaxing massage, the rebalancing properties of oriental healing arts and the toning and nourishing effect of beneficial essences and fine oils.

Expertise in Wellness since 2008

Many years of study and practice characterize my professional path

A Luxury Spa experience

A cozy space will welcome you, heated massage bed, aromatherapy, fine oils, soft lights and 432 Hz music

Cleaning and Comfort

Taking care of the rooms is a “must” for me. You will find a clean, bright and welcoming environment, where it will be a pleasure to stay.

Broad availability, easy booking

You can receive your massage from Monday to Saturday and book with a simple wtsapp


"I have to say that I love massages and would even get one a day! The experience with Sara was the most pleasant I have felt lately. Her touch, her attention to the customer, her ability to make you feel good, are uncommon characteristics that I appreciated very much. I absolutely recommend her."
Federico Z.
“ Today I was able to enjoy a relaxing massage. Sara was very good, I really relaxed under her hands also because she uses exceptional oils!!! Must-try!"
Chiara S.
"I had a great time with Sara, serious, prepared, professional and very kind....I received the relaxing full-body massage and I must say that I was fully satisfied."
Davide B.


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