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The perfect combination of a new massage technique and Italian Cosmetics

Gialean is a small family-run Italian company that has been taking care of the well-being of the person since 1978,  through the wise use of plants of our territory and essential oils.

Gialean is respect for the environment, respect for animals, respect for the customer.

Tonight you will have the chance to try on yourself  the most indicated products to face the “problem cellulite” and to create your beauty routine by ordering them at their unbeatable prices. 



Much more than products. Remedies!

Phase 1: Activate, Drain, Dissolve

Body Scrub

The elimination of inert cells is the first, fundamental step that anticipates any beauty treatment. This will allow the anti-cellulite remedies to enter and act in depth. The silica shell of microalgae provides a natural scrub, collagen gives elasticity and resistance to the tissues, wheat germ and jojoba oils contribute with their antioxidant, firming and elasticising properties.
Euro 16,50 | 250 ml

Balsamic Body Oil

The essential oils of lavender, rosemary, mint, ylang ylang, sage and thyme stimulate the nerve endings of the skin by activating tissue oxygenation and promoting the elimination of toxins. Balsamic Body Oil promotes the reabsorption of interstitial lymph and the return of venous blood, improving the functionality of the skin and deep tissue.
Euro 9,80 | 135 ml

Cellulite Massage Cream

Based on vegetable oils (jojoba, avocado and peanuts) which make the massage smooth and soft, marine oak extract, rich in oil with a lipolytic action, Sage essential oil with a purifying action, extracts of Ivy, Sage, Ash, Horsetail, Thyme and Chilli. These plants are precious for removing toxins from the tissues thus avoiding the stagnation of fat and water from which cellulite derives.
Euro 16,50 | 250 ml

Detox Essence

This Essence is the result of the virtues of the pure essential oils of Rosemary, Juniper, Malaleuca, Cinnamon, Lemon, Grapefruit. A panacea to free body and mind from the toxic waste that we accumulate daily both in the form of thoughts and metabolic catabolites.
Euro 11,20 | 25 ml

Phase 2: Purify, Firm, Dry

Sea Oak Foam Bath

Thanks to its iodine content, extracted from Marine Oak, this product is of great help in the external treatment of cellulite. Eucalyptus essential oil performs a beneficial purifying action in synergy with soapwort extract. Its use is recommended in association with the Cellulite Massage Cream and with the Purifying After Bath Emulsion
Euro 6,10 | 250 ml

Skin Firming Cream

Biological principles such as allantoin, collagen and ac. hyaluronic acid, oils of avocado and jojoba and extracts of chervil, sage, linden, mallow, calendula and carrot penetrate deeply thanks to the massage, nourishing and strengthening the tissues, activating their turnover and preventing relaxation.
Euro 16,50 | 250 ml

Skin Strengthening Essence

It is a synergistic combination of pure essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lemon, Sage and Lavender which exert a draining action on the skin, favored by the massage. This allows the removal of toxins from the tissues and their expulsion. Thanks to this drainage, cellular metabolic reactions are activated, thus contributing to maintaining a good state of elasticity of the skin and strengthening it
Euro 10,50 | 25 ml

Cellulitis Drying Emulsion

The effect of water loss with consequent elimination of toxins from the tissues is produced by medicinal plants such as linden, chamomile, helichrysum, hypericum, mallow, calendula, ratany, which favor exudation. Its effect is enhanced by exposure to the heat of sun rays or sports activity.
Euro 10,90 | 200 ml

Many happy clients

“As a beautician I had the opportunity to try various Gialean products on clients that Sara recommended to me, which have been very useful for well-being and for solving skin problems. Sara is very prepared and knows how to advise according to the problems, giving personalized solutions."
Lorella Z.
“ Sara introduced me to Gialean products and for the past 3 years I have been using them daily for my care and that of my little girl. Her valuable advice helps me to get to know and always integrate new preparations for my needs with enormous satisfaction."
Alessia B.
“ There is an added value to each product that goes beyond the specific quality. Added value has a name, her name is Sara. Thanks for the expertise in declining every need in a product suitable for every moment of daily life.”
Filippo C.

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