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Shiatsu powerd with Aura Energy Cleansing, is a great way to maintain your health and prevent disease and make the best of yourself integrating traumas and shades.

Book an appointment today and I will help you to achieve welness, balance, and a better way of life.

Healing Touch

Integration is the key

We will work together for your wellness, integrating your needs and habits, and your usual tratments of ordinary medicine, if any, to provide the best overall care. As a standalone therapy or as a complement to other treatments, shiatsu provides an effective solution for many conditions.






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A place of healing, peace, and wellness

I am a professional in Natural Discipline since 2008; my aim is to provide both high-quality and accessible healthcare for my clients.

As Shiatsuenonsolo, I have treated many people of all ages, from babies to elderly, suffering from a wide range of conditions. My duty si to offer an integrated approach aim to revive the natural healing potential of your body and transform your weaknesses in your strengths.

My approach to Shiatsu will restore, session after session, the self-healing capacity of your body and mind, will bring you back to your state of well-being and will allow you to get to know yourself in a new way, making you increasingly aware and independent. A real gift!


Moreover, everything that moves during the Shiatsu treatment, all the etheric waste or the unsolved that are ready to be solved, are integrated and released from your subtile body and DNA through the Aura Energy Cleansing at the end of each session, like no other method can do.

Finally you can get rid of all the ballast that weigh down your step!

Aura Energy Cleansing is a spiritual practice, and it is offered for free.

Many happy clients of different ages and needs

Of the many experiences made over the years, the path I am still following with Sara is one of the most positive. Thanks to Shiatsu and "energy cleansing" sessions, with her I was able to restore balance, centering and better management of my emotions that I hadn't had in a long time (or perhaps I had never had). Her competence, patience and ability to identify and "untie the knots" that block the energies present in us, have allowed me to face daily life more serenely and to live and "live myself" much better. Thank you Sara, thank you very much.

Stefania D.S.

A pleasant discovery. Comfortable environment, a the good and qualified Professional. I recommend Sara to everyone, for those who want to spend MOMENTS in total relaxation completely pampered ❤❤❤❤❤

Alessandra P.

Sara's Shiatsu: experience made in a few sessions with effects that can already be seen on back pain, improved vital energy, rediscovered creativity, general lightening and improved sleep 🤗🤗🌼🌺

Daniele N.

My experience with Sara was truly a surprise. I started convinced that I was having a completely different experience, probably more passive, perhaps something more like a simple massage. But the hour spent with Sara is something more complete, learning to listen to one's mind and body and above all "leave you a legacy".. my most important legacy up to now has been to learn to live the present and in the present!

Simona A.

Ancient Chinese medicine-based approach

Are you ready to do yourself some good? In my studio you will find a warm and comfortable environment, a tea room where you can relax and a soft futon on the floor for your treatment.

Wear comfortable clothes and silence your cell phone, this hour is for you.

a gift

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Your path to wellness starts here. Schedule an appointment today

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